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Exhibit Your Artwork


Exhibit at the 2016 Boston Mills Artfest

*We are no longer accepting applications for the 2016 Boston Mills Artfest*

Feel free to read the information below on the 2016 Boston Mills Artfest.  Applications for the 2017 show will be available in the fall of 2016; be sure to check back for more information as we have it!

As a professional artist looking for where to exhibit your artwork, why should the Boston Mills Artfest be on your summer schedule? First and foremost, because Boston Mills is committed to putting on a high-quality art show every year, and we understand that great shows are made up of two components: talented artists, and savvy patrons. We strive to attract both.

Positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers is our best publicity, but we work tirelessly and year-round to publicize the Artfest. More than 50,000 postcards are sent out to households who have visited the Artfest in previous years, or are in locations with our targeted demographics. Cleveland Magazine prints the show programs and inserts copies into their June issue for distribution. Boston Mills also cultivates media and corporate partnerships to maximize the dollars we put into each year's advertising on a mix of billboards, print, radio, and TV.

We strive to keep our show very artist-friendly. From the Artist Dinner before the show's Preview to the daily newsletters, food discounts, and open communication lines, we strive to make doing our show as easy as possible for all of our Exhibitors.

General Show Information for Exhibitors

The Boston Mills Artfest is a nationally recognized fine art and fine craft show at which to exhibit your artwork. Since 1971, Artfest has been held at Boston Mills Ski Resort, nestled in the scenic national park, midway between Cleveland and Akron. This year, we are proud to celebrate 45 years of bringing fine art and fine craft to Northeast Ohio!

Artfest consists of two separate shows held on consecutive weekends. A Preview Night is held each weekend so that Artfest patrons can purchase art while sampling wines and hors d'oeuvres. The 2016 Boston Mills Artfest dates are as follows:

June Show

General Show: Saturday, June 25 (10am-6pm) and Sunday, June 26 (10am-5pm)
Preview Night: Friday, June 24 (6pm-9pm)

July Show

General Show: Saturday, July 2 (10am-6pm) and Sunday, July 3 (10am-5pm)    
Preview Night: Friday, July 1 (6pm-9pm)

Available Spaces for Artists

The majority of the display spaces are located inside four large clear-span tents, with the remainder of the spaces positioned in an outdoor area. (The photo above shows the outdoor area, with our large "North Tent" in the background to give you an idea of what booth spaces look like during the show.) Those artists in the outdoor area need to bring their entire outdoor tent setup, and those artists located inside the four large tents can bring as much or as little of it as they choose.

How do we set the show and decide where to exhibit your artwork? Exempt artists are placed first, and then spaces are set according to jury score. We try to accommodate all artist requests for specific spaces and areas, but reserve the right to place applicants where needed to maintain a balanced show.

Space dimension and pricing vary, depending on location. Artists will not be permitted to expand past those specified dimensions. Only the indoor spaces have access to electricity, which is limited to 400 watts per booth. Outdoor spaces do not have access to electricity. Personal generators are not permitted.

2016 Boston Mills Artfest Booth Pricing

June Show:

Outdoor Spaces 10' x 10' $310
Outdoor Corners 10' x 10' $360
Tent Spaces 10' x 10' $360
Tent Corners 10' x 10' $410
Tent Spaces 10' x 15' $510
Tent Spaces 10' x 20' $510

Limited number of double booths may be purchased.  All booth fees include the $10 Boston Township Vendors Fee.

July Show:

Outdoor Spaces 10' x 10' $360
Outdoor Corners 10' x 10' $410
Tent Spaces 10' x 10' $410
Tent Corners 10' x 10' $460
Tent Spaces 10' x 15' $560
Tent Spaces 10' x 20' $560

Limited number of double booths may be purchased.  All booth fees include the $10 Boston Township Vendors Fee.

Exhibitor Requirements

About Reproductions

Applicants must create 100% of all work displayed. Reproductions must be presented, either framed or matted, in portfolios/bins like the one shown in the photograph above. They may not be displayed on the walls.

Reproductions must be signed and numbered--no open editions are permitted. Reproductions cannot make up more than 20% of the display, except in the case of Photography and Digital Art.

The Work on Display

Exhibitors will be permitted to exhibit only the specific type of work accepted by the jury of selection. Jewelry, for example, cannot be exhibited with another medium without being screened and accepted by the jury of selection.

Unacceptable items are: Imported work of any type, any work created by a person other than the exhibitor, greenware pottery, sculpture from molds, mass-produced factory art and jewelry, and any other items deemed by the Director to not fall within the spirit of our requirements.

Exhibitor Presence at the Show

Each exhibitor must be present for the entire show, including Preview Night. If accepted as a collaboration, both artists must be present.

Selling Your Work

All work must be for sale. Each exhibitor is responsible for the sale of his/her work. No agents are permitted. Prices must be clearly displayed on all items. There are no commissions charged by the organizers on any sales.

Grounds and Security

Boston Mills will provide overnight security during the show. Pets are not permitted on the grounds. Upon request, contact Boston Mills Guest Services for local kennels.

Final interpretation of these requirements and Artfest rules will be at the discretion of the Director.

Show Awards

All participating exhibitors are eligible for show awards and will be asked to submit one original work from their display for the Awards Judges to review. Each weekend, judges will award three Awards of Excellence ($1000 each) and Best of Category awards ($250 each) for a total of $7,750 in cash awards given out per show.

Award of Excellence and Best of Category winners are automatically exempted from the jury process for the following year's show. Honorable Mentions are given at the judges' discretion, and those recipients have 3 points added to next year's jury score. All award-winning pieces will be displayed in our Awards Gallery for the remainder of the show, but may be replaced by the artist if a patron purchases the award-winning piece.

Our Show Awards Jurors will be as follows:
June Show 
Gordon Lee, Professor of Art at the Columbus College of Art & Design
Sherry Simms, Associate Professor of Art at The University of Akron
July Show
Janice Lessman-Moss, Professor of Art at Kent State University
Betty Talbot, Director of the Ohio Craft Museum


 Jury of Selection: January 26th & 27th 

The selection of exhibitors is the duty of the jury of selection. The jury of selection will select 160 artists for each weekend of the Boston Mills Artfest, less the number of exempt artists who are confirmed for each show. Standby exhibitors are also selected during the jury process. The Director will add standby artists to the show by medium to maintain balance when openings become available. 

Jurors are changed annually and are chosen by the Director from past award-winning exhibitors and other outstanding working artists. Our Artfest Director will serve as the jury foreman.

2015 Artfest Jurors:

How to Apply

*The Application Deadline for the 2016 Boston Mills Artfest is December 31, 2015*

The 2016 Boston Mills Artfest will be held June 24-26, and July 1-3

Applications to exhibit your artwork at the 2016 Boston Mills Artfest will be accepted in the following mediums:

  • Acrylic Painting
  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Drawing (pastels and printmaking)
  • Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Wood
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Sculpture
  • Metal (not jewelry)
  • Mix-Media (2 or more physical materials)
  • Wearable Fiber (i.e. leather and hemp)
  • Fiber (all non-wearables, basketry and papermaking)
  • Photography (original camera images)
  • Digital Art (images created or manipulated using computer programs)

Applications are accepted via ZAPP only. No slides, CDs of images, or other envelopes, packages or boxes will be reviewed or returned. To apply, click on the ZAPP logo below (after October 1st, 2015) and log in or register with the ZAPP website.  Once you are logged in, click on Apply to Shows and search for "Boston Mills Artfest 2016".

Exempt artists still need to submit a ZAPP application. (No fee required.) Exempt artists are 2015 cash award winners from both shows, and 2016 jurors. Click here to check the list of exempt artists for 2016.
If you are an exempt artist, please contact us at 800-875-4241 or info AT bmbw DOT com for further directions on how to apply with no fee.

Artists receiving honorable mentions are not exempt, but will have 3 points added to their final jury score. Click here to check the list of artists who will receive 3 points added to their final jury score for 2016.

Where to Exhibit Your Art - Zapp

Jury results are scheduled to be released on February 29, 2016.  Do NOT submit payment for a display space now. Payment for display space is due after acceptance, at which time you will also need to submit $10 for a vendor permit from Boston Township which is included in your booth fee. The State of Ohio requires you to purchase a $25 Transient Vendor's license from them for sales tax purposes as well. If accepted exhibitors do not pay their space fee by March 31, 2016, that space will be reassigned. April 30, 2016 is the last day to cancel from the Boston Mills Artfest and recieve a 90% booth refund.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in applying in two seperate categories, please complete the application for your first category, then either email, or call us to recieve further instruction on how to apply for the second category. We will not be able to assist you in applying for the second category if you have not applied for the first.

The Boston Mills Artfest application deadline is December 31, 2015.

Please Note: Non-juried art and non-art vendors, street performers, etc., are not accepted into the Boston Mills Artfest. Food vendor applications are not accepted, either, as Boston Mills takes care of all of the food and beverage for the show ourselves.