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Club Program

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Boston Mills and Brandywine offer season-long Club Programs for skiers, snowboarders and snowbladers ages 8* to 18. The Club Program includes 4 hours of slope time per session, equipment rental (if applicable) and up to five lessons. For the first five visits, club members arrive and depart as a group with their club advisor. Afterward, club members are welcome to continue visiting on their designated day and time (at no additional charge) if you wear your club neck tag.

Clubs begin in January, as determined by BMBW, and continue to the end of the season. If BMBW must cancel one of your five guaranteed club visits, we will schedule an additional session for you. Individual make-up lessons are not available.

*Must be 8 years old by January 1, 2014.

Connect to the BMBW Club Program shopping cart for member registration HERE!

Download the online Club Program tutorial HERE!


Ski Club TagsLessons & Neck Tags

Club members are given a permanent neck tag for the season, which serves as their admission onto the snow and is used to get rental equipment, if their package includes it. Neck tags must be visible at all times, and are valid only for the session indicated. As a club member, keeping track of your neck tag is your responsibility! Lost neck tags are replaced very rarely, and never without an advisor or after the fifth club visit. If a neck tag is replaced, the club member will be charged a $10 replacement fee.

Each participant’s neck tag must be validated with a colored sticker indicating the participant’s ability level. The stickers are color-coded to correspond with the relative difficulty of each slope at Boston Mills and Brandywine. The club sticker program is used for teaching and assessment purposes.

Remember, you may not let anyone use your neck tag or the equipment obtained with your neck tag. Any misuse, including sticker tampering, will result in loss of privileges. Club members will be assessed a fee if on the slopes without a neck tag.


Club Cards

Club members, except for those with Summit or Season Passholder packages, also receive a Club Card.  This card contains four $10 value passes that can be used towards any of the following:

  • An all day snow pass at Boston Mills/Brandywine or Alpine Valley
  • A snow tubing session
  • A late night session

Club Cards must be presented at our pass windows by the person whose name appears on the card, but any of the Club Card snow passes obtained may be used for a friend or family member if desired. They may not be resold. You can use all four Club Card snow passes at once, and any snow pass you obtain includes rental if your Club Program package includes rental. If a lost Club Card is reissued, the club member will be charged $10 to replace it.



Gear Up

You can buy your Club Program package with or without ski or snowboard rental* and if you are a beginner, we highly recommend the rental option! Renters must stay on the type of equipment chosen at signup when using their club neck tag. Failure to return rental equipment results in a loss of privileges for the next visit and a replacement charge.

Download Rental Helper to determine Skier Type, and Snowboarder's Forward Foot when signing up either online or via our paper registration forms.

*Snowblade rental is not available. Sled dogs, Big Feet, Snowrunners, etc., are not permitted in the Club Program at all.



ski club learning togetherSafe Learning - Fun Environment

While skiing and snowboarding can be a great, fun experience, it's important to practice safe riding on the slopes. Ultimately, safe skiing and snowboarding on the slopes is each person’s responsibility. Always be respectful to your fellow skiers and riders.

A warning may be issued for safety reasons, including skiing or riding out of control, or for disciplinary reasons like snowball throwing and the use of foul language. If you receive a warning, your club advisor must accompany you to reclaim your tag for the following session. Some offenses, and any second warnings, result in the loss of privileges with no refund.

Your Responsibility Code, shown below, is a partial list. Be safety conscious and courteous at all times.


  1. Always stay in control and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
  2. People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
  3. You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
  4. Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
  5. Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
  6. Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  7. Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.




The Club Program is the most heavily discounted program at BMBW, with savings of almost $400 over the standard snow pass, rental equipment and lesson price. There are NO REFUNDS on this heavily discounted program for any reason, including student removal from the club due to disciplinary reasons invoked by the club advisor, BMBW Ski Patrol or BMBW Management.

PAPER REGISTRATION CLUBS: Need to print more registration forms for your club members to use? Download and print the "Form Only" part of the 2013/2014 Club Program brochure here. (Printable on regular 8.5x11, letter-sized paper, with a .25" margin. PDF file is approx. In PDF format, approx. 85k in size.)

Pricing depends on the day and time your club visits, and the type of package you need.  Foreign exchange students, Summit and Season passholders may take advantage of special packages as noted below. (Pick-A-Day Passholders are not eligible.)


  Sat 4pm - Fri 2pm Fri 2pm - Sat 4pm
  Tax Exempt       Plus Tax* Tax Exempt       Plus Tax*
Standard Owner: $139.00            N/A $159.00            N/A
Foreign Exchange: $ 80.00              N/A $ 90.00              N/A
Summit or Season Passholder:** $ 80.00              N/A $ 85.00              N/A


  Sat 4pm - Fri 2pm Fri 2pm - Sat 4pm
  Tax Exempt       Plus Tax* Tax Exempt       Plus Tax*
Standard Renter: $199.00            $203.05 $219.00          $223.05
Foreign Exchange: $115.00             $117.36 $125.00          $127.36
Summit or Season Passholder:** $140.00             $144.05 $145.00          $149.05

*Only rental is taxable. Please check with your advisor to find out whether your club is tax exempt.

** Season and Summit Passholder package does not include the Club Card.

Anyone who wants to join a club must contact your club advisor to find out when your club signup meetings will be held. (If your club is affiliated with your local school, your school's main office should be able to let you know how to contact the advisor.)  Let the advisor know that you are interested in signing up for some SNOW FUN this season!

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