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The Parks




4/24/14 - Open House

Thanks to everyone who came out and rode this years Open House Rail Jam. The rain was not our friend but we pressed on anyway.



4/24/14 - Fiesta Today

Its here, we built it, now come ride it. There is going to be light rain today but that shouldn't effect anything other then your hair. see you 11-4



4/24/14 - Fiesta En El Parque

May is right around the corner and after 6 weeks of not riding we are having some major withdrawal. Lets all get back on the snow one last time. Expect Hike Parks, Hot Dogs, and good times. A 13/14 or 14/15 season pass gets you on the snow. 11am - 4pm.
Yes - everyone without a season pass is $5,
No - You don't need a helmet
Yes - it will be fun park features
No - We wont have rentals or lifts open.



3/28/14 - Midwest Vibes



3/18/14 - Private Shoot

Logan Nowak Just finished up a video for our private shoot last week. give it a watch up top.



3/16/14 - Thats it thats all

It was an amazing season, 100 days. The most natural snow in recent memory and some of the best crew we could have asked for.


Also a big thanks to O’Neal for keeping us warm in all their gear.



Photos: @bmbwparks