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Start a Club at BMBW

Want a great way to provide an affordable, FUN activity for students, parents, faculty and other community members to enjoy together?  Start a Club Program for skiing and snowboarding! The BMBW Club Program introduces its members to a recreational sport that can truly be enjoyed throughout a lifetime.  It encourages exercise and physical activity, and challenges members to learn new skills. 

  • More than 1 million students have taken advantage of our Club Program over the last 30 years
  • Our program remains one of the top 5 in the United States
  • Learn the sports of a lifetime
  • With one of the largest, certified Ski and Snowboard Schools in the Midwest, your members will learn at their own pace
  • Our nationally recognized National Ski Patrol is on the slopes anytime we are open
  • Stay active and healthy during the winter months

These are just a few of the many benefits to starting a Club Program-- more examples of the positive impact of Club participation can be found below.  Boston Mills/Brandywine strives to make Club startup and administration as easy as possible for the schools and advisors, too.  Being an advisor has advantages beyond watching your members excel, too; free skiing and meal cards are just a few of the perks.  Scroll down for details.

What Advisors Have To Say:

"I think the Ski Club provides a wonderful opportunity for our kids to learn to ski and snowboard at a reasonable price.  In addition, I think it reaches a population of our students who need to be active and involved, encouraging them to feel positive about school and about themselves."                             
--Paula, Advisor, Edwards Middle School

"I love to have kids learn a skill that they can enjoy for a lifetime.  Skiing gives teens a place to go, something positive to do, and fun with adults and friends." 
---Melanie, Advisor, Summit Christian School 

The Many Great Reasons to Start a Club at BMBW 

            Benefits for Students:           

The Boston Mills/Brandywine Club Program offers members the opportunity to learn a healthy, exciting outdoor sport that can be enjoyed for the rest of their lives!  Club members enjoy:

  • The most deeply discounted program offered at BMBW!
  • Top-notch instructors and a progressive lesson system
  • An environment where safety, sportsmanship, and proper conduct are stressed
  • Great ski and snowboard facilities and equipment
  • A chance to have some FUN in the winter!

The BMBW Club Program is open to any and all elementary, middle school, high school, church, homeschool, community, etc. memebrs who are at least 8 years old by January 1. You can find pricing and other details about our Club Program here.

            Benefits for Club Advisors:           

Club Advisors serve as the main point of contact between their Club’s memebrs and Boston Mills/Brandywine. Many of our Club Advisors enjoy the opportunity to get young people outdoors and learning a sport in which they can participate for the rest of their lives.  Other Advisor perks, which vary by club size, include:

  • Free skiing
  • Earn free family passes
  • Advisor Rewards and meal cards.
  • Discounts on equipment service at BMBW
  • Discounts on equipment and accessories from Buckeye Sports Center
  • Complimentary tickets to the Boston Mills Artfest

            How to Get YOUR Club Started:          

Most Clubs at BMBW have historically been organized through schools, but they can also be started by PTA and PTO groups, community recreation centers, youth groups, scouting troops, home schooling groups, and so on. You just need to have more members ages 8-18 than adults within your Club.

If you'd like to get your club started, call or email Nikki Patterson our Club Program Manager.  Her extension is 2023, and you can reach her by calling 800-875-4241.

 Other Ways to Enjoy Some Winter Fun

Not ready yet to start a Club Program? Your students can still enjoy an unforgettable on-snow experience this season at our resorts this season.

Teachers, student councils, foreign language clubs, and many other organizations within your school can take advantage of our awesome Field Trip rates and other options for Group Outings at Boston Mills/Brandywine and Polar Blast.  Click on any of these links for details: